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== General Information ==
== General Information ==

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Welcome to Zimbra Wiki

The content on the Wiki is of two types, Zimbra documentation taken from the Zimbra documentation guides and topics contributed from the Zimbra community. Sections of the Zimbra documentation guides are available on the Wiki so that the documentation can benefit from the collaborative efforts of the Zimbra community.

The Zimbra documentation pages cannot be edited directly. Use the discussion page to comment about the content, add additional information, suggest enhancements, or correcting information. You can edit the other topics or create new ones.



Installation Issues

ZCS Architecture and Components

ZCS System Architecture

Directory Tree

Zimbra Server

All articles...

User Migration

User Migration

Preparing to Use the Migration Wizard

Zimbra Collaboration Suite Import Wizard for Outlook

All articles...

ZCS Configuration Management

Managing ZCS Configuration

Managing Mailbox Features

All articles...

Authentication External Services

LDAP Authentication - General guidelines

All articles...

Backing up and Restoring

Network Edition Backup Procedure

Open Source Edition Backup Procedure

All articles...

Monitoring Tools

Monitoring Zimbra Servers

Log Files

All articles...

Technical Help

Servers not starting

Mail Routing Issues

Resetting LDAP & MySQL Passwords

All articles...

ZCS Community

Working with Zimlets

Zimlets - Find out about the basics of Zimlets

Zimlet Developers Guide - Develop your own Zimlet

All articles...

Advanced Hacking

Performance Tuning including tips for running on less powerful hardware

Building the software yourself

Changing the hostname and/or zmhostname don't do it

All articles...

Zimbra Command Line Utilities

General CLI Tool Information

Zimbra CLI Command List

Zmprov (Provisioning)

All commands...

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