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[[Install Platforms]] Help on each platform
[[Install Platforms]] Help on each platform
==Authentication External Services ==
[[LDAP Authentication]] - General guidelines
[[LDAP Apache]] - Apache Authentication Module
[[LDAP Jabber]] - Open Source Jabber auth (IM)
[[LDAP Wildfire]] - Wildfire (IM)
[[LDAP Aterix]]

==Advanced Hacking==
==Advanced Hacking==

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Welcome to the Zimbra Wiki

Getting Started



Installation Issues

User Migration

Mail client Configuration

Technical Help

Command Line Tools

Log Files

Servers not starting


Mail Routing Issues



ZCS Connector for Outlook

Outlook PST Import Wizard Tips

Install Platforms Help on each platform

Authentication External Services

LDAP Authentication - General guidelines

LDAP Apache - Apache Authentication Module

LDAP Jabber - Open Source Jabber auth (IM)

LDAP Wildfire - Wildfire (IM)

LDAP Aterix

Advanced Hacking

Performance Tuning including tips for running on less powerful hardware

Building the software yourself

Using Tomcat with Apache (mod_jk)

Using DSPAM for Spam Filtering



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