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1. '''The default setting in zimbra is''' : -
{{Archive}}1. '''The default setting in zimbra is''' : -
[zimbra@toi-store ~]$ postconf -n | grep -i transport_maps
[zimbra@toi-store ~]$ postconf -n | grep -i transport_maps

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1. The default setting in zimbra is : -

[zimbra@toi-store ~]$ postconf -n | grep -i transport_maps transport_maps = proxy:ldap:/opt/zimbra/conf/ldap-transport.cf

2. The user information is lookedup in ldap by default. Create a transport file ( as a zimbra user ) with user informaion whose mails needs to be routed to some other mta.

[zimbra@toi-store conf]$ pwd /opt/zimbra/conf

[zimbra@toi-store conf]$ cat transport_file test1@in.zimbra.com smtp:[]

3. postmap /opt/zimbra/conf/transport_file ( creates a Hash file )

4. Add the entry to already existing postfix_transport_maps as below : -

[zimbra@toi-store ~]$ zmlocalconfig -e 'postfix_transport_maps=hash:/opt/zimbra/conf/transport_file,proxy:ldap:${zimbra_home}/conf/ldap-transport.cf'

[zimbra@toi-store ~]$ zmlocalconfig | grep -i transport postfix_transport_maps = hash:/opt/zimbra/conf/transport_file,proxy:ldap:${zimbra_home}/conf/ldap-transport.cf postfix_virtual_transport = error

5. Restart the mta service: -

zmmtactl restart

Apr 13 13:35:11 toi-store amavis[32247]: (32247-07) FWD via SMTP: <test1@test.com> -> <test1@in.zimbra.com>,BODY=7BIT 250 2.6.0 Ok, id=32247-07, from MTA([]:10025): 250 2.0.0 Ok: queued as A48806C769 Apr 13 13:35:11 toi-store postfix/smtpd[5406]: disconnect from localhost.localdomain[] Apr 13 13:35:11 toi-store amavis[32247]: (32247-07) Passed CLEAN, LOCAL [] [] <test1@test.com> -> <test1@in.zimbra.com>, Message-ID: <1503027776.461239609910062.JavaMail.root@toi-store.in.zimbra.com>, mail_id: xBh6HfgC7UfZ, Hits: 2.891, size: 645, queued_as: A48806C769, 1505 ms Apr 13 13:35:11 toi-store postfix/smtp[5403]: 3255F6C768: to=<test1@in.zimbra.com>, relay=[]:10024, delay=1.6, delays=0.02/0.02/0.25/1.3, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 2.0.0 Ok: queued as A48806C769) Apr 13 13:35:11 toi-store postfix/qmgr[2603]: 3255F6C768: removed Apr 13 13:35:11 toi-store postfix/smtp[5407]: A48806C769: to=<test1@in.zimbra.com>, relay=[]:25, delay=0.25, delays=0.01/0.03/0.17/

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