Mailbox Troubleshooting

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Mailbox Troubleshooting

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Mailbox Troubleshooting

For most of these issues, zmcontrol is your friend

Unless otherwise specified - run all these commands as the zimbra user

su - zimbra

How to see what's running

zmcontrol status

[zimbra@myhost ~]$ zmcontrol status

       antispam                Running
       antivirus               Running
       ldap                    Running
       logger                  Running
       mailbox                 Running
       mta                     Running
       snmp                    Running
       spell                   Running

zmcontrol will set the shell exit value based on the status - if everything is running, it will exit with a 0 status. In this case you may see mailbox or zmmailboxdctl listed as not running.

Common Problems with Mailbox


The most common cause for the mailbox not starting is an out of sync MySQL database password.

You can test this by attempting to login to the mysql database:

[zimbra@myhost ~]$ mysql mysql


[zimbra@myhost ~]$ mysql zimbra

If you recieve an error message, then this is the likely cause. You should then proceed to check your mysql tables. [1]


Perdition can also reserve ports that are used by mailbox. Perdition should not be used in single server environments.

Please see Perdition#Disabling_the_service

zmmailboxdctl is not running

Can be indicated by

[ ~]$ zmcontrol start
        Starting logger...FAILED

        Starting mailbox...Done.
        Starting antispam...Done.
        Starting antivirus...Done.
        Starting spell...Done.
        Starting mta...Done.
        Starting stats...Done.


[ ~]$ zmcontrol status
        antispam                Running
        antivirus               Running
        ldap                    Running
        logger                  Running
        mailbox                 Stopped
                zmmailboxdctl is not running
        mta                     Running
        spell                   Running
        stats                   Running

Your http (Apache) server is running and port 80 is in use. Stop http server and now start zimbra.

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