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NOTE: The following methods work as long as you are composing new mails in HTML mode.

Image referred by a link

This is the preferred way of including images within your signatures. Recipient needs to accept images from source to display it. Usually clients remember the setting to show images from trusted source once recipient accept it once.

NOTE: Best practice would be to ask your webmaster to push the company logo into the website public part and then reuse it for this task (for example: logo.png). Doing so we would avoid any broken links once for some reason the briefcase way described above breaks after some configuration changes. This procedure has been written whenever asking for a publicly hosted file wouldn't be possible or allowed by the webmaster for some reason. See also:

Steps (forget steps 1-5 if hosting the logos as described above - preferred):

1. In Briefcase create a public folder so that Briefcase/public was created.

2. Share the folder "Public" as "public"

3. Upload the image/logo there

4. Right click on the file, "send as link"

5. Copy and paste the URL within it. It'll look like:


Remove eventual "s" and ":<port>" from the url (assuming you are not using exclusive HTTPS mode in your server). The url should end up looking like:


Leaving HTTPS mode instead of HTTP would cause trouble to some recipients should you have self-signed certificates.

6. Create a new signature in Preferences->Signatures, "Format as html" mode on

7. Work on your signature for the non-graphic part

8. Click the "Insert image from url", second button from the right

9. Paste the above properly modified URL

You can eventually reuse that logo URL above for other signatures as well, without having to upload/share the image and tweak the URL every time for every user.

Image in attachment

Easier procedure, but then every mail will ship an attachment every time we compose/reply/forward. Not recommended.

1. Create a new signature in Preferences->Signatures, "Format as html" mode on

2. Work on your signature for the non-graphic part

3. Click the "Insert image", last button on the right

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