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This section will include how to get the best out of the Mail client program and web browser Zimbra interface.

Zimbra Web Client

The technology used to make the Zimbra web interface what it is can be accelerated through tuning your client system.

Indeed sometime the web client will not even run, if for instance java is not installed on the client.

Essentially use firefox which is quicker than Internet explorer and install the Sun Java rather than the Microsoft Java on your PC.

Thunderbird and Zimbra

SMTP: If secure connection is required (TLS authentication only), you have to select TLS (Port 25), not SSL!

If you're using Thunderbird 1.x you may want to login with /tb appended to your username. Note that perdition will not pass /tb correctly though. See Thunderbird 2 fixes the bug that makes /tb necessary for Thunderbird 1.x users.

Outlook and Zimbra

SMTP over SSL port 465

Note: some version of Outlook may not need this. This is what is needed for Outlook 2003 SP2.

Note: ZCS 4.5.5 has SSL SMTP on port 465 enabled by default.

  • In /opt/zimbra/postfix/ uncomment the following TWO LINES

The whitespace at the beginning of the second line is significant, and must be preserved:

#smtps    inet  n       -       n       -       -       smtpd
#  -o smtpd_tls_wrappermode=yes -o smtpd_sasl_auth_enable=yes
  • Restart/Reload postfix
zmmtactl reload

You now have port 465 open for SSL SMTP. Make sure any firewall in place doesn't prevent access to the port.

In Outlook:

  • add a new email account, type of either IMAP or POP, whatever you prefer.
  • In the advanced settings configuration screen, enable SMTP over SSL (This server requires encrypted connection (SSL)).
  • Also make sure to enable IMAP or POP over SSL.
  • Change the SMTP port to 465
  • Enable SMTP Auth using the same credentials as IMAP

That should be all thats needed. Outlook doesn't deal well with SSL on port 25 using the STARTTLS command. It prefers immediate SSL negotiation followed by SMTP (old style SMTP over SSL)

Eudora and Zimbra

Eudora 6.x cannot read aliases (subjectAltName) attached to a cert.

Some possible workarounds available are 1) to use clear text authentication, 2) use the server's real name 3) upgrade to Eudora 7 (aka Apple Mail) and Zimbra

To direct trashed, draft, sent messages into the proper IMAP folders, you must map the default folders to special folders:

  • open
  • click on the Trash folder under your Zimbra account
  • go the Mailbox > Use this Mailbox for and select Trash
  • do the same for Sent and Draft folders (unless they have been automatically mapped)
  • they will now appear below the Trash, Sent, Draft folders along with the special folders from other accounts.
  • you will likely end up with new folders in the Zimbra section called 'Deleted Messages' and 'Sent Messages.'
  • you should delete these folders now (move any mail before you delete them)



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