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:[[Swatch]] logs to '''/tmp/swatch.out'''
:[[Swatch]] logs to '''/tmp/swatch.out'''
==iSync Connector Logs==
The iSync Connector logs to the directory ~/Library/Application Support/Zimbra/com.zimbra.XXXXXXX.sync.  There will be at most 5 log files there, sync.log, sync.log.2, ....

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Depending on what's installed on the server, and how your system is configured, some logs may not be on the server that is experiencing the error.

Installation Logs

These are named with a pid file extension (3-5 digit number) - generally, the most recent one is the one you're looking for
/tmp/install.log - installation of zimbra software packages
/tmp/zmsetup.log - site-specific configuration

Runtime Logs

Most logs are found in /opt/zimbra/log/:

Note: Before ZCS 4.5, mailbox.log was called zimbra.log

mailbox.log - tomcat mail services
audit.log - authentication
clamd.log - antivirus db
convertd.log - attachment conversion 
freshclam.log - clam antivirus updates
logger_myslow.log - slow logger db queries
myslow.log - slow db queries
spamtrain.log - spam/ham training
sync.log - zimbra mobile
zimbrastats.csv - server performance statistics
zmconvertd.log - conversion server monitor
Some additional logs are in /opt/zimbra/tomcat/logs/:
access_log.<date> - traditional http access log for each http "hit"
catalina.out - tomcat application log
stacktrace.<pid> - full thread dump from "kill -3 <tomcat pid>"; generated each time tomcat is stopped
Other log locations:
/var/log/zimbra.log - MTA and system status log; postfix, amavisd
Output of various scripts:

Performance statistics

Many useful Zimbra server performance statistics are logged to /opt/zimbra/log/zimbrastats.csv. This file can be opened in Excel or another utility that reads files in CSV format. Here's a summary of the statistics logged to zimbrastats.csv. All pairs of timing statistics named xxx_count and xxx_avg specify the number of times an operation was performed and the average execution time.

  • timestamp - timestamp of a given statistic collection period
  • lmtp_rcvd_msgs,lmtp_rcvd_bytes,lmtp_rcvd_rcpt,lmtp_dlvd_msgs,lmtp_dlvd_bytes - number and size of messages received and delivered
  • db_pool_size - database connection pool size
  • db_conn_count,db_conn_ms_avg - timing data for getting a database connection
  • ldap_dc_count,ldap_dc_ms_avg - timing data for getting an LDAP connection
  • mbox_add_msg_count,mbox_add_msg_ms_avg - timing data for adding a message
  • mbox_msg_cache,mbox_item_cache - hit rate for the message body (blob) cache and mail item (database metadata) cache. 0 = 0%, 1 = 100%.
  • soap_count,soap_ms_avg,imap_count,imap_ms_avg,pop_count,pop_ms_avg - timing data for SOAP, IMAP and POP operations
  • idx_wrt_avg - Lucene index writer count
  • java_heap_MB - Amount of memory used by the Java VM
  • mysql_opened_tables,mysql_slow_queries,mysql_threads_connected,innodb_pages_read,innodb_pages_written,innodb_bp_hit_rate - MySQL statistics. See MySQL documentation for more info.
  • pop_conn,pop_ssl_conn,imap_conn,imap_ssl_conn - Number of active POP and IMAP connections

MTA logs

The MTA (postfix) logs via syslog to the mail facility. By default, this goes to /var/log/maillog, but Zimbra sets it to /var/log/zimbra.log

Tomcat (web server) logs

Tomcat logs via syslog to the local0 facility. By default, this goes to /var/log/messages AND /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log
Some tomcat information (including Thread Dumps] will also be in /opt/zimbra/tomcat/logs/catalina.out; stopping (or restarting) tomcat outputs the current thread dump to /opt/zimbra/tomcat/logs/stacktrace.<tomcat pid>

Spell server logs


Swatch logs to /tmp/swatch.out

iSync Connector Logs

The iSync Connector logs to the directory ~/Library/Application Support/Zimbra/com.zimbra.XXXXXXX.sync. There will be at most 5 log files there, sync.log, sync.log.2, ....

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