• lmtp will only deliver mail to the inbox. You could try to create a filter on the user's mailbox first that moves all mail from the user to the sent folder.

usage: zmlmtpinject -r <recip1> [recip2 ...] -s <sender> [options]

 <file1 [file2 ...] | -d <dir>>
-a,--address <arg>     lmtp server (default localhost)
-d,--directory <arg>   message file directory
-h,--help              display usage information
-N,--every <arg>       report progress after every N messages (default
   --noValidation      don't validate file content
-p,--port <arg>        lmtp server port (default 7025)
-q,--quiet             don't print status
-r,--recipient <arg>   envelope recipients (rcpt to).  This option
                       accepts multiple arguments, so it can't be last if
                       a list of input files is used.
-s,--sender            envelope sender (mail from)
   --smtp              use SMTP protocol instead of LMTP
-T,--trace             trace server/client traffic
-t,--threads <arg>     number of worker threads (default 1)
-v,--verbose           print detailed delivery status

The following command. '-r' is the receiver, and '-s' is the sender. The sender can be anything and doesn't need to exist on the server:

$ zmlmtpinject -r test@example.com -s test2@example.com -T -v /tmp/testemail

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