Licensing 3.2 Beta 2 NE

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NOTE - This applies to 3.2 Beta 2 or LATER releases of the Zimbra Collaboration Suite, 
and only applies to the NETWORK EDITION.  
The open source version requires no license file 

License overview

Zimbra Licensing is for the Network versions. Its purpose is to enforce agreements we have with our customers.

Licenses are files that are installed once per deployment. The license constrains the number of users that are allowed to be in use and an expiration time after which some network features are lost and no users can be created.

3.2beta2 and 4.0RC1 shipped with trial licenses embedded in them. 4.0.0GA did not embed a trial license, but does require one to run.

Obtaining a license

For trial users, a license will be mailed to you after registration at Trial users upgrading from 3.1.x releases should fill out the registration form again to get the 4.0.0 binaries and a license key.

Paid customers and trial users with sales contact (and thus a support portal login) should log in to the support portal at From that page there is a button to click to have a license mailed to you. This will also take you to a page with links for the binaries.

License installation

Displaying a License

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