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Zimbra - License Management

Zimbra Licensing


License Expiry

When your Zimbra Network Edition License expires, a license expiration warning will appear in the administrative console and web interface for all users. The server will then revert to a basic feature set. The following is a list of some of the major functions that will no longer be available:

  * Backup/Restore
  * Zimbra Mobile (ActiveSync)
  * Zimbra Connector for Outlook
  * Zimbra Support for EWS
  * Zimbra Archiving and Discovery
  * Attachment Indexing
  * Cross Mailbox Search
  * Hierarchical Storage Management
  * S/MIME
  * 2FA

What happens after the license expires: => It goes into grace period, network features e.g. "storage management" are working.

  • Are services running? => Yes
  • Can you create/delete users? => Yes
  • Mail operations working? => yes

If server goes in Grace period, what happens after Grace period expires?

  • Says license is expired on CLI but on admin console in Configure -> Global Settings -> License, it shows normal.
  • Not able to create users from CLI as well as admin console.
  • Network features like SM and other are not usable, gets error "Critical SM Session failed. Error code service.LICENSE_ERROR Details Receiver License is not valid or feature AccountsLimit is disabled".
  • Existing users are not able to login saying "License is expired"
  • All network features stop working. Product goes into a limited version where mails work.

Why is the licensing grace period?

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Licensing Options

Subscription and Perpetual

Trial Mode

Zimbra requires a license to in Trial Mode. All the available features will be activated for a 30-day period, with some limitations. You can obtain your Trial License by filling this form .

How to obtain a License

To obtain a license the following steps are required:

  • Fill the next Quote Request Form
  • Enter the number of mailboxes on your server. If your Company is a Gov agency, an Educational/Research institute or a Non-Profit Organization be sure to you select the correct option on the drop-down option.
  • Add the comments you might have on the comments textarea
  • Click the "Get a quote" button to proceed.

A Sales representative will get back to you shortly

How to activate a License

To activate a license, download from the Zimbra license file.

  • Log into the Administration Console in Zimbra with an admin account.
  • In the Left Pane of the Administration Console ...
  • ...
  • ...

CLI Activation

If you are experiencing difficulties in uploading your license, you can try to do it using the Zimbra CLI. Simply upload your license file to the /tmp/ folder of your Zimbra server and run the following as the 'zimbra' user:

zmlicense -i /tmp/zimbra_license.xml
zmlicense -a 


If the "Customer" field does not display your name, please contact, providing your Zimbra account and/or your Reseller's name

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