License SOAP

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Zimbra Network edition requires a license per installation. Admin Console provides the UI to allow admin to install the license through com_zimbra_license admin extension. The following soap commands are used in the license extension:


  <content aid="{attach-upload-id}"/>

<InstallLicenseResponse validFrom="date-in-ms" validUntil="date-in-ms"


      <attr name="{item}">{value}</attr>

      <attr name="{item}">{value}</attr>

  - info element block contains the current usage.  the current number of
    accounts is returned in n="TotalAccounts".  current server time is
    returned in n="ServerTime".

  - The value of TotalAccounts can be -1 which indicates the account counting
    still in progress and the server does not have the count.  The account
    counting can be initiated by creating an account, use of a Network feature,
    or by sending CheckLicense Request.
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