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Its really easy to setup Wildfire for auth with Zimbra Ldap database. When you had finished the instalation of Wildfire go to the /opt/wildfire/conf directory and edit the wildfire.xml file. Here you found the options to connect to OpenLDAP:


       <baseDN>BASE_OF_THE_USERS_FOR_THE_DOMAIN</baseDN> #check below


Since the Zimbra OpenLDAP is configured to allow for anonymous searches, its not necessary to give the Wildfire config your admin DN or password. This will keep that password from being sent in plaintext over your network.

BASE_OF_THE_USERS_FOR_THE_DOMAIN : If you have only one domain, like me, you should put your domain in the form: dc=domain,dc=com

questions to pbruna@it-linux.cl

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