LDAP Multi Master Replication

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This article applies to the following ZCS versions.

ZCS 8.0 Article ZCS 8.0

Zimbra Multi-Master Replication

The ability to have more than a single functioning master has been added with ZCS 8.0 and later. This document details the steps required for setting up a Multi-Master configuration, as well as how to perform administrative tasks such as promote an existing replica to be part of the multi-master pool. Multi-Master Replication will be shortened to MMR for the rest of this document.

Enabling Multi-Master replication on an existing Single node master

This assumes you already have an installed single-master ZCS LDAP server that is not already enabled for MMR. Enabling MMR is a manual one-time step. You will need to know the hostname of the secondary master you plan on adding into the multi-master pool before you can enable MMR on your standalone master.

On the single-node master as the zimbra user:

* ./libexec/zmldapenable-mmr -s 1 -m ldap://secondmaster.example.com:389/ 

Executing this command will do the following things:

* Set this master's Server ID (sid) to 1
* Tell the master that it will be in a pool with a secondary master named secondmaster.example.com that is listening to LDAP on port 389
* It will use the default Replication ID (rid) of 100 for the secondary master

Installing a Secondary master

Promoting an existing replica to be a multi-master

MMR utilities

Configuration more than two masters

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