LDAP Apache

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LDAP Apache

Very simple, install mod_auth_ldap, and then install a .htaccess file that looks like this:

   AuthType Basic
   AuthName DDInternal
   AuthLDAPURL ldap://yourzimbraserver/dc=zimbra,dc=yourdomain,dc=com,dc=au
   require valid-user

The first part "yourzimbraserver" is the address of your Zimbra server running LDAP.

The second part "dc=zimbra,dc=yourdomain,dc=com,dc=au" is the domain you would like to authenticate against.

Other Domains

If you want that your customers authenticate with their email address, you just have to use the mail attribute.


<Location "/service">
AuthLDAPEnabled on
AuthType Basic
AuthName "Service"
AuthLDAPURL ldap://
require valid-user

You can limit the access to certain users by adding

require user user@example.com


You may consider installing mod_ldap to cache your LDAP connections.

Single Login

You can then use [[1]Preauth] to do single sign on (sort of).


[[2]Apache mod_auth_ldap]

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