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If you must use rsync copying data from oldHostname to newHostname, you can use rsync's exclude directive.

For example, you many want to exclude the /opt/zimbra/data/ldap/mdb/db/data.mdb file.

rsync -av --exclude '*.mdb*' /opt/zimbra  root@newHostname:/opt/zimbra

Rsync may see the data.mdb's file size as a sparse file, that is created to be the same size as the DB maxsize. i.e., there will be a data.mdb file on disk that appears to be 80GB in size. See,

You may also want to exclude the mysql's iblogfiles too, as these tend to be large as well.

rsync -av --exclude '*.mdb*' --exclude '*ib_logfile*' --exclude 'ibdata1' /opt/zimbra  root@newHostname:/opt/zimbra

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