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If you are wanting to use Zimbra and SpamTitan together , this is a suggested configuration to get Zimbra and SpamTitan to work together.

SpamTitan Setup - Step One

Destination Server: <Zimbra IP Address> or <Zimbra Hostname>
Destination Port: 25

SpamTitan Setup - Step Two

Recipient Verification: LDAP Recipient Verification
LDAP Server: <Zimbra IP Address> or <Zimbra Hostname>
LDAP Port: 389
LDAP Search User DN: uid=zmpostfix,cn=appaccts,cn=zimbra
LDAP PASSWORD: ************
LDAP Query Filter: (&(|(zimbraMailDeliveryAddress=%s)(zimbraMailAlias=%s)(zimbraMailCatchAllAddress=%s))(zimbraMailStatus=enabled))
LDAP Result Attribute: zimbraId

Note:If you are unsure of zimbra's zmpostfix password, run the following as the zimbra user from the zimbra-MTA node.

zmlocalconfig -s ldap_postfix_password

ldap_postfix_password = u5k1nfJ6   <<=== Should see something like this


According to SpamTitan Support, SpamTitan product just needs the "zimbraId" result attribute as the ldap query should only return one entry for a valid address, on return one for every valid address.

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