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Move Account to another zimbraMailHost (MultiNode)

Suggested steps

1) Be aware of the user's original zimbraMailHost

zmprov ga zimbraMailHost zimbraMailTransport

2) From the original zimbraMailHost check the account backup history

zxsuite backup getAccountInfo

If needed, do a fresh backup of the account.

zxsuite backup doAccountScan

3) From the original zimbraMailHost check its blob integrity

zxsuite hsm doCheckBlobs start mailbox_ids 4

use zmprov gmi <account address> to find the account mailbox_id
You may see output similiar to this...

        operationId                                         74a19f95-dd33-460f-ad35-eacc84c5313f
        server                                              mbox1.example.local
        log path                                            /opt/zimbra/log/op_CheckBlobs_74a19f95-dd33-460f-ad35-eacc84c5313f.log

Review the op_CheckBlobs_$operation.log file.

If there are missing blobs, use the missing_blob_delete_item option.

zxsuite hsm doCheckBlobs start mailbox_ids 4 missing_blob_delete_item true

The rationale is make sure the account is as 'clean' as possible.

4) Next, use the doMailboxMove command to move the account from the original zimbraMailHost

zxsuite hsm doMailboxMove mbox2.example.local accounts

5) In my testing, I had found I needed to restart the memcache service from my mailbox nodes after the mailbox move.

zmmemcachedctl restart

After the mailbox move, I restarted my proxy service from the proxy node.

zmproxyctl restart

6) Double check zimbraMailHost after the move

zmprov ga zimbraMailHost zimbraMailTransport

7) Optional: Purge the account data from the original server

zxsuite hsm doPurgeMailboxes all ignore_retention true

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