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To figure out when a message was read, you'll need to use the cli to get the info.

Basically you'll need to know the mailbox ID, and the ID of the message. More info:

For starters:

1) Find the mailbox ID.

zmprov gmi

Take the value of "mailboxId" and run this command:

expr <mailboxId> % 100

The value of the expr command is the value you use to connect to the user's mysql data.


zmprov gmi
mailboxId: 5247

expr 5247 % 100

mysql mboxgroup47

2) ID of the message

To view all the messages with the Id's in a flat file you could run:

su - zimbra

mysql -e "mysql -e "select * from mboxgroup47.mail_item where mailbox_id='5247' \G" >> /tmp/accountInfo.txt

Once you have generated a file, and identified the message, look for the "change_date" line. This should indicate when the message was last touched. The line would show something like this:

change_date: 1226347705

To convert 1226347705 into a readable form, put it into a perl command.


perl -e 'print localtime(1226347705). "\n"'

Keep in mind the user can mark messages as unread after reading them, so be sure to look at the "unread" line from the mysql output.

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