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Upgrade SA to newer release

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Updating Spamassassin to a newer version from say 3.4.1 which is the current version for 8.7.11. Note: rules are only on main branch in SA github so we grab those first.

Backup Current Version

Files are located under /opt/zimbra/common/lib/perl5/Mail/Spamassassin and /opt/zimbra/data/spamassassin/ Note: the '*' with tar as we are grabbing both the spamassassin.pm and the directory spamassassin.

Here is what the general structure looks like with Zimbra/SA:

/opt/zimbra/data/spamassassin/rules/* ---- rules with the distribution
/opt/zimbra/data/spamassassin/state/  ---- rules from sa-update
/opt/zimbra/data/spamassassin/state/3.004001/updates_spamassassin_org.cf  # --- rules to include

run tar as root or zimbra because need GPG stuff and all keys in that directory are 700 perms
   rwx------ zimbra/zimbra      0 2019-05-21 10:00 opt/zimbra/data/spamassassin/localrules/sa-update-keys/
    --- /opt/zimbra/commong/lib/perl5/Mail/Spamassassin ---- perms: root:root
    /opt/zimbra/data/spamassassin  perms: zimbra:zimbra

with this command:

tar cvf /tmp/SA_zimbra.tar /opt/zimbra/common/lib/perl5/Mail/SpamAssassin* /opt/zimbra/data/spamassassin

Get and Install newer version

git clone https://github.com/apache/spamassassin.git
git checkout branch
cd spamassassin
tar cvf ../rules.tar rules*
git checkout spamassassin_release_3_4_2
tar xvf ../rules.tar

where build_zimbra.sh is:


export PERL5LIB=/opt/zimbra/common/lib/perl5/x86_64-linux-thread-multi:/opt/zimbra/common/lib/perl5
export PERLLIB=/opt/zimbra/common/lib/perl5/x86_64-linux-thread-multi:/opt/zimbra/common/lib/perl5

/usr/bin/perl Makefile.PL \
     PREFIX=/opt/zimbra/common \
     LIB=/opt/zimbra/common/lib/perl5 \
     DATADIR=/opt/zimbra/data/spamassassin/rules \
     CONFDIR=/opt/zimbra/data/spamassassin/localrules \

make install
chown -R zimbra:zimbra /opt/zimbra/common/lib/perl5/Mail/SpamAssassin*
chown -R zimbra:zimbra /opt/zimbra/data/spamassassin/

Verify rules still update

Rules are updated by cron. Run this command to verify that still works. You will have a state/3.004002 directory

/opt/zimbra/common/bin/sa-update -v --allowplugins --refreshmirrors

General Notes

#Default configuration data is loaded from the first existing directory in:
#    /opt/zimbra/data/spamassassin/state/3.004002
#    /opt/zimbra/data/spamassassin/rules
#    /opt/zimbra/common/share/spamassassin
#    /usr/local/share/spamassassin
#    /usr/share/spamassassin

# Site-specific configuration data is used to override any values which
#    had already been set. This is loaded from the first existing directory in:
#    /opt/zimbra/data/spamassassin/localrules
#    /opt/zimbra/common/etc/mail/spamassassin
#    /opt/zimbra/common/etc/spamassassin
#    /usr/local/etc/spamassassin
#    /usr/pkg/etc/spamassassin
#    /usr/etc/spamassassin
#    /etc/mail/spamassassin
#    /etc/spamassassin

#  From those 3 directories, SpamAssassin will first read file ending in ".pre" in lexical order
#      and then read files ending in ".cf" in lexical order.
#  In other words, it will read init.pre first, then 10_default_prefs.cf
#    before 50_scores.cf and 20_body_tests.cf before 20_head_tests.cf.
#  SA 4.0 requires newer perl version that exists with RHEL6/Centos6

This is from memory so please go slowly and verify before issuing that make install in the build_zimbra.sh script.

More articles written by me, https://wiki.zimbra.com/wiki/JDunphy-Notes

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