Installing HELIX 7.1.1 on FreeBSD 8 amd64

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Developer Article

Article Information

This article applies to the following ZCS versions.
  ZCS 7.1 Article  ZCS 7.1

General information

Please, read Zimbra_on_FreeBSD for all the details.

This guide describes installing HELIX-711 on FreeBSD-8_amd64.

At this point it's good to note that everything should be run as root unless stated otherwise.

Preparing run enviroment via

Since some people like to compile and others like to install-only I built all the necessary zimbra-rundeps packages.

cd /tmp && \
    fetch && \
        tar xzf zimbra-rundeps-8_amd64-7.1.1.tgz && \
            cd zimbra-rundeps-7.1.1 && \
                pkg_add zimbra-rundeps-7.1.1.tbz && \
                    cd /tmp && rm -rf zimbra-rundeps-*

You need to accept diablo-jdk16 license.

If you are using a csh derivate shell, which is the FreeBSD default, run:


Grats, you just saved yourself a lot of time.

Quick-hacks for a better day

Since Zimbra is a Linux lover by nature everything is /bin/bash but guess what.. we have /usr/local/bin/bash:

ln -s /usr/local/bin/bash /bin/bash

Installing Zimbra Collaboration Suite: HELIX-711 via

Fetch HELIX-711 FreeBSD-8.2_amd64 packages:

cd /tmp && \
    fetch && \
        tar xzf zcs-7.1.1_GA_3205.FreeBSD_amd64.tgz && \
            rm -f zcs-7.1.1_GA_3205.FreeBSD_amd64.tgz && \
                cd zcs-7*

Further reading


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