Installing GNR on FreeBSD 7.2 amd64

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General information

Please read Building_GNR_on_FreeBSD_7 for all the details.

This guide describes installing all of above without building anything.

At this point it's good to note that everything should be run as root unless stated otherwise.

Preparing run enviroment via /usr/ports

I created a simple "meta" port which will take care of everything. Since I am a very very creative person I named it: mail/zimbra-rundeps.

It installs all dependencies needed to run GNR-601.

cd /usr/ports/mail
fetch && \
    tar vxzf usrports_zimbra-rundeps.tar.gz && \
        rm -f usrports_zimbra-rundeps.tar.gz
cd /usr/ports/mail/zimbra-rundeps && make config-recursive install distclean

If you are able to use /usr/ports you should be able to figure out the configure options (not that it matters much, mostly unimportant stuff).

If you are using a csh derivate shell, which is the FreeBSD default, run:


Preparing run enviroment via

Since some people like to compile (me me me!) and others like to install-only I built all the neccessary


cd /tmp && mkdir -p DELME && cd DELME && fetch
tar vxzf FreeBSD-7.2_amd64_packages.tar.gz && cd amd64
pkg_add zimbra-rundeps-6.0.1.tbz

If you are using a csh derivate shell, which is the FreeBSD default, run:


Grats, you just saved yourself a lot of time.

Quick-hacks for a better day

Since Zimbra is a Linux lover by nature everything is /bin/bash but guess what.. we have /usr/local/bin/bash:

ln -s /usr/local/bin/bash /bin/bash

Installing Zimbra Collaboration Suite: GNR-601 without building

I had to undergo whole build process so you can fetch the fruits of my hard labour directly.

cd /tmp
tar vxzf zcs-6.0.1_GA_1817.FreeBSD_amd64.20091004225829.tar.gz
cd zcs-6.0.1_GA_1817*

Suggested tweaks






--Solko 13:12, 5 October 2009 (UTC)

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