Import and Export of Contacts

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Import and export Contacts

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It is reported that many csv formatted files from other applications will "just work":

"We've successfully imported Thunderbird, Yahoo, Google, and various forms of Outlook CSV files." (from a developer posting)

Following are examples of what the .csv looks like on export from zimbra. The export/import functions are located under Preferences->Contacts. Technical details:

  • Separator: ,
  • Enclosure: "
  • Newline separator: "\n" (Unix-Standard)
  • Charset: UTF-8.

The first line that defines each column:


An example entry:


So if you're migrating from elsewhere (either a mail program or another web-based collaboration suite), you may be able to fetch your existing entries if you can fit them into the above format.

Perhaps we can add some examples?

Here is a forum posting that includes a python script to convert either Squirrelmail or Thunderbird csv files into something that ZImbra can directly import.

Here's a mysql query that will dump a phpgroupware address book into a .csv that zimbra can read:

select bday,adr_one_locality,adr_one_countryname,tel_fax,tel_work,tel_work,adr_one_postalcode,adr_one_region,adr_one_street,NULL,NULL,NULL,tel_car,org_name,tel_work,org_unit,email,email,email_type,email_home,email_home,email_home_type,NULL,NULL,NULL,n_given,adr_two_locality,adr_two_countryname,NULL,tel_home,NULL,adr_two_postalcode,adr_two_region,adr_two_street,NULL,NULL,NULL,title,n_family,n_middle,tel_cell,note,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,tel_pager,n_suffix,url into outfile '/tmp/phpgw.csv' fields terminated by ',' optionally enclosed by '"' from phpgw_addressbook;

Using a php script to convert squirrelmail .abook files to zimbra cvs

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