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Introduction: Zimbra and iPhone

The Apple iPhone can be used to access Zimbra Collaboration Suite using IMAP/POP3, Safari, and iSync. It can also access ZCS with Exchange, using the IMAP protocol for retrieving mail. It does not currently support Exchange ActiveSync. Unlike Apple Mail 2.1.1, the iPhone will accept multiple Exchange accounts that can be used with the Zimbra Collaboration Suite server.

The iPhone uses iTunes as a client of Sync Services to synchronize contacts and calendar. Zimbra Collaboration Suite has connectors for Windows and Macintosh that will allow your iPhone to sync You can use the ZCS Connector for Apple iSync in order to synchronize your contact and calendar information between your iPhone and ZCS. For more information about the ZCS Connector for Apple iSync, refer to the ZCS Connector for Apple iSync Guide.

Macintosh Users: If you do not use the ZCS Connector for Apple iSync, you will only complete a partial sync. While your Macintosh and iPhone will be fully updated, the Zimbra server will not sync anything except email. In order to fully sync your iCal and Address Book to the Zimbra server, you must use the ZCS Connector for iSync.

Configuring IMAP, POP, or Exchange Settings

  1. Under Mail settings, select "Add Account..."
  2. Select "Other"
  3. Select "IMAP", "POP3", or "Exchange"
  4. Fill in the "Name", "Address", and "Description" fields
  5. Provide "Host Name", "User Name", and "Password" in the "Incoming Mail Server" section. The iPhone will automatically detect IMAP over SSL if your server requires it. If your server requires a non-default TCP port specification, use the hostname:port format in the "Host Name" field. SSL settings can be adjusted later under the "Advanced" section in the mail account settings.
  6. In the "Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)" section, provide settings for "Host Name", "User Name" and "Password". As with the incoming mail server, the "Host Name" setting accepts the hostname:port format if the outgoing mail server uses a non-default TCP port.
  7. Save the configuration

Exchange Configuration Note: The iPhone will only sync the Inbox Folder (even with the iSync Connector). If using iSync, contacts and addressbook will be synced.

Sub-Folders: Setting the IMAP Path Prefix to "INBOX" allows for the browsing of folders beneath the Inbox, but seems to take away the ability to save or access the utility Sent, Drafts, Trash and Junk folders.

Using Safari to View Mail

Currently, the Zimbra AJAX client does not work on Safari for the iPhone. However, the Zimbra Lite client works perfectly. It is important to note iPhone 1.0 does not support sending attachments due to the lack of a file system browser.

To view the Zimbra Lite client, go to http://mail.server.com/zimbra/h/ using safari.

Notification via SMS

If you are not able to use the PUSH/IDLE feature, you may wish for the Zimbra server to send you a text message when you receive a new e-mail.

  1. Click Options
  2. Choose Mail
  3. Check "Enable address for new mail notifications"
  4. Type your SMS address in e-mail format form. eg: 5552529999@vtext.com
  5. Click Save

Now the server will text message you when you receive a new message.

Questions or Issues

If you have trouble using the iPhone, please visit the Zimbra forums: http://www.zimbra.com/forums Italic text

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