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== Zimbra and iPhone ==
#REDIRECT [[Zimbra Mobile Installation and Setup for iPhone]]
The Apple iPhone can be used to access Zimbra Collaboration Suite using IMAP or Safari. 
If using Apple Mail, your mail configuration settings will automatically be transfered to the iPhone during the initial sync with iTunes.
The iPhone supports IMAP, POP3, and Exchange (IMAP) accounts like Apple Mail.  However, the iPhone will accept multiple Exchange accounts that can be used with the Zimbra Collaboration Suite server unlike Apple Mail 2.1.1 which accepts just one. 
It is important to note iPhone 1.0 does not support Exchange ActiveSync and the Exchange configuration uses the IMAP protocol for retrieving mail. 
'''Macintosh Users:''' Partial sync can be performed without the Zimbra iSync connector. Your iCal and Address book will be synced to the iPhone via iTunes, but this information does not get transferred to the Zimbra server.
Installing the iSync connector for Zimbra will resolve this problem. When syncing, the iPhone, iCal, Addressbook, Mail, and the Zimbra Server will all contain the same information.
=== Configuring IMAP, POP, or Exchange Settings ===
# Under Mail settings, select "Add Account..."
# Select "Other"
# Select "IMAP"
# Fill in the "Name", "Address", and "Description" fields
# Provide "Host Name", "User Name", and "Password" in the "Incoming Mail Server" section.  The iPhone will automatically detect IMAP over SSL if your server requires it.  If your server requires a non-default TCP port specification, use the hostname:port format in the "Host Name" field.  SSL settings can be adjusted later under the "Advanced" section in the mail account settings.
# In the "Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)" section, provide settings for "Host Name", "User Name" and "Password".  As with the incoming mail server, the "Host Name" setting accepts the hostname:port format if the outgoing mail server uses a non-default TCP port.
# Save the configuration
'''Exchange configuration:''' The iPhone will only sync the Inbox Folder (even with the iSync Connector). If using iSync, contacts and addressbook will be synced.
'''IMAP configuration:''' An issue has been identified with IMAP and IDLE. If the iPhone does not download message content for folders other than the inbox, then add "/ni" at the end of your username in your configuration. This will turn off IDLE. See bug: http://bugzilla.zimbra.com/show_bug.cgi?id=14850
=== Using Safari to View Mail ===
Currently, the Zimbra AJAX client does not work on Safari for the iPhone. However, the Zimbra Lite client works perfectly. It is important to note iPhone 1.0 does not support sending attachments due to the lack of a file system browser.
To view the Zimbra Lite client, go to http://mail.server.com/zimbra/h/ using safari.
=== Questions or Issues ===
If you have trouble using the iPhone, please visit the Zimbra forums: http://www.zimbra.com/forums

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