How to move mail from one user's folder to another, or to send it for external delivery

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How to move mail messages from one user's mail folder to another user

(or to send them to external delivery).

  • First you need to identify zimbra store folder of this user, like

        mysql -e "select * from zimbra.mailbox where comment like ''"

  • Then you need to prepare file with a lot of lines, like 1/25+1 of number of messages in his folder needed to copy. If, for example, the messages from folder /test need to be moved, then this file should have the first line: "search -t message 'in:test'" and all other lines: "search -n" (means "give next page of the search results"), like:

        search -t message 'in:test'
        search -n
        search -n
        search -n

  • Then you feed this file to zmmailbox to get message IDs:

        zmmailbox -z -m  messagelist.txt

  • And then we ready to get all the messages in the format ready to feed them to sendmail:

        for i in `grep '^[0-9]' messagelist.txt | awk '{print $2}' | sed 's/-//'`; do
          find /opt/zimbra/store/0//msg/ -name $i\* >> filelist.txt
        for i in `cat filelist.txt`; do
          zmmailbox -z -m  am  $i;

(if there are a lot of messages, it's better to create a file with lines "am $i" and to feed them to zmmailbox because it starts slowly.

  • If the messages should be sended to external domain, then the last step may be something like this:

     for i in `grep '^[0-9]' messagelist.txt | awk '{print $2}' | sed 's/-//'`; do
       find /opt/zimbra/store/0//msg/ -name $i\* >> filelist.txt;
     for i in `cat filelist.txt`; do
       sendmail -i  <$i;  

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