How to move ZCS to another server

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How to move ZCS to another server

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In this article, we will explain how to move/migrate a zimbra server to another machine.


Both the source and destination zimbra servers must be running the same version. E.g. if source is running 8.6, the installed zimbra on the destination must be also 8.6.


Below are the steps that needs to be taken, to complete the migration:

1. # su - zimbra

2. $ zmcontrol stop

3. $ exit

4. Make sure all zimbra services are stopped: # ps aux | grep zimbra

5. Now, you can copy the /opt/zimbra directory to another backup location, and from there to copy it to the destination server later, or you could mount external disc and copy it there, or simply copy it to the destination server (if already installed with the correct OS).

6. As root user, copy it to the remote machine:

  • rsync -e ssh -axvzKHS /opt/zimbra/

that command will copy /opt/zimbra directory to a remote machine with IP, in the /tmp directory (using ssh). or to a local mounted disk:

  • rsync -axvzKHS /opt/zimbra /mnt/zimbra_backup

8. Install a new server, with supported Operating System for the zcs version.

9. Turn off the old ZCS Server

10. Set up the new ZCS Server:

-change the hostname as the old server
-change the network settings as the old server

11. Download the version of ZCS on the new server.

12. As root, run the installer with the -s option: ./ -s

13. When the install -s completes, you can delete the /opt/zimbra directory. rm -rf /opt/zimbra

14. Now, copy the /opt/zimbra directory backup we made in step 5, to the new server in /opt directory, so that the structure is the same: /opt/zimbra. If you have copied it to a different server, just rsync it to the new server. If you used external disk, mount it and as root rsync your backup to the new location: rsync -avH /mnt/zimbra_backup /zimbra /opt/.

15. As root run: /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmfixperms -e -v

16. As root rerun the installer without the -s option: ./

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