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(How to force Ajax mode on all users)
(How to force Ajax mode on all users)
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How to force Ajax mode on all users

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  • This solution is for ZCS 8.7.x.

As always, make a backup of the files that we will modify just in case.

Step1: Edit file ZmMsg.properties:

vim /opt/zimbra/jetty-distribution-9.3.5.v20151012/webapps/zimbra/WEB-INF/classes/messages/ZmMsg.properties

Inside find the lines starting with client+Mobile/Standard/Touch ( eg. clientMobile). They are one below the other. Delete the value of these attributes like so, but leave the clientPreferred value only:

clientMobile =
clientPreferred = Preferred
clientStandard =
clientTouch =

Step2: Edit file login.jsp:

vim /opt/zimbra/jetty-distribution-9.3.5.v20151012/webapps/zimbra/public/login.jsp

Inside, find the following lines:

<option value="touch" <c:if test="${client eq 'touch'}">selected</c:if>> <fmt:message key="clientTouch"/></option>
<option value="mobile" <c:if test="${client eq 'mobile'}">selected</c:if>> <fmt:message key="clientMobile"/></option>
<option value="standard" <c:if test="${client eq 'standard'}">selected</c:if>> <fmt:message key="clientStandard"/></option>
<option value="advanced" <c:if test="${client eq 'advanced'}">selected</c:if>> <fmt:message key="clientAdvanced"/></option>

And remove all of them.

Step3: Restart Zimbra

zmcontrol restart


Finally, the login page will look like that. The preferred version can be configured from COS:


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