How to configure auto-provisioning with dynamic DL

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How to configure auto-provisioning (autoprov) with dynamic DL

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Zimbra auto-provisioining and dynamic distribution groups

This article explains how to configure auto-provisioining, if Zimbra is configured to use external LDAP (Active Directory), and then move the newly created users to dynamic DL group/s  
More information on how to configure Zimbra with AD can be found: [here], and for auto-provisioning [here]'


The article assume that you have auto-provisioning already setup, and we will focus on the dynamic DL configuration and how it integrates into the auto-provisioning. If auto-provisioning is not setup, check the link above for more information.

Creating dynamic DL

Step 1: Create dynamic DL

Open AdminUI and choose "Manage".


Step 2:

Click on "Distribution Lists".


Step 3: Enter name for the group.


Step 4: Select "Dynamic Group", enter the Member URL, which in our case is: ldap:///??sub?(&(objectClass=zimbraAccount)(description=sales)), and select the "Automatically accept" for both subscriptions.


Step 5: Specify an owner for the group.


Step 6: Review the group Properties to make sure all is set up correctly.


More information

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