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=How to configure Zimbra S/MIME in Windows=
=How to configure Zimbra S/MIME in Windows=
{{KB|{{ZC}}|{{ZCS 8.7}}|||}}
{{KB|{{ZC}}|{{ZCS 8.8}}|{{ZCS 8.7}}|{{ZCS 8.6}}|}}

==Enhancement in Zimbra 8.7==
==Enhancement in Zimbra 8.7==

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How to configure Zimbra S/MIME in Windows

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Enhancement in Zimbra 8.7

Zimbra has fixed an issue when Customers are using Zimbra Collaboration Web Client, with S/MIME over Windows and the Firefox browser.


Since Zimbra Collaboration 8.7, Zimbra uses for Windows the Windows cryptography (CryptoAPI).

In the past, the SSL certificate needs to be installed in the Web Browser, since 8.7 the SSL Certificate needs to be installed on the Windows Local Store., and can be used for all Browsers in the Computer, doing easier the SSL Certificate Management.

Export the SSL Certificate from Mozilla Firefox

The first step is exporting the actual SSL Certificate from the Mozilla Firefox Web Browser.

Click in the right icon, and then Click in Options.


Now, go to Advanced tab, and click in the sub-tab Certificates, then click in View Certificates.


In the tab Your Certificates, you will find the SSL Certificate ready to export, please click in Backup.


Then select a name and save it in the Folder that you want, press Save.


Enter a password for your Private Key, please remember this password in the future. Press OK.


And then, the SSL Certificate is ready to Import into the Windows Store. Press OK.


Install the SSL Certificate in Windows Store

We need to have the Certificate in our Computer, in .p12 .pfx, or other valid certificate extension.

Right Click over the file and press Install PFX (a double click will do the same effect)


In the next image of the Certificate Import Wizard, press Next.


Press Next in this step, please be sure that the SSL Certificate is correct, review the name and path.


This step is important, you need to introduce the password from your Private Key, and also, if you think that in the future you will need to export the Certificate, please mark the second checkbox, also the third one and press Next.


Let the Automatically select option and press Next.


This step, is a overview with all the steps, press Finish.


Congratulations, the SSL Certificate is now installed in your Windows Store.


Doing a test in Windows with Firefox and Zimbra Collaboration 8.7, using S/MIME in the Web Client

Once we’ve installed the SSL Certificate in our Windows Store, we can open Firefox, open our Web Client with the Zimbra Server FQDN. You can use Internet Explorer, or Chrome, etc.

Then compose a New Email, fill the To, Subject and Body fields and select the Sign option.


The person to you sent the email, will be able to see the SSL signature.


Here is other example using Internet Explorer in Windows with Zimbra Collaboration 8.7, using the Web Client, now Zimbra uses the CryptoAPI.


Here the same Zimbra Collaboration Server 8.7, using a Mac and Chrome Web browser, we can see that we are using now NSS, without any problem.


Check/Troubleshoot SSL Certificate in Windows Store

This steps are always welcome to be sure if our SSL Certificate is valid, for how many time, etc.

Click in the Windows button and write mmc, you will see the mmc.exe, please do click to open it.


Once the MMC is open, click in File – Add/Remove Snap-in.


From the Available snap-ins list, please select the Certificates and click Add.


Select now the My user account and press Finish.


You need to open the Personal Folder, and the Certificates sub folder and there we can find our SSL Certificates.


You can do double click to open it and see much more details.



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