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How to add logger tables

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Zimbra includes the logger service, that collects data from different servers for the state of the different services. If multiserver installation is in place, there must be only one logger server, and the rest of the server are viewed as clients. Each client and the logger server keep a database for the known servers in the setup, placed in SQLite3 database.


1. Enter mysql command line:

$ mysql

2. Once inside confirm the current setting:

show variables like "max_connections";

3. Change the current setting with higher value:

set global max_connections = 200;

4. Restart:

$ mysql.server stop 
$ mysql.server start 

However after server restart these settings will be gone.

To make the change permanent:

1. Edit my.cnf file and under [mysqld] section change the max_connections value.

2. Restart:

$ mysql.server stop 
$ mysql.server start 

IMPORTANT: Increasing the connections will also increase the memory usage on the server. Make sure you have enough resources before applying these changes.

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