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=How to add free/busy for "location" in Outlook=
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When creating an appointment in Outlook, sometimes we would like to add "location" to it. We also want to make sure that the "location" is free during the meeting duration we would like to set.
If we just enter the location's name in the "Location" field when we create the appointment it will not detect its Free/Busy information.
Follow the steps below to add a "location" to the appointment and to be able to see its free/busy information:
=====Step 1: =====
Double click on the day when you want to set the appointment. On the image below, we see in red the "Location" field and the "Invite Attendees" button. Don't enter the location's name in the "Location" field, instead click on the "Invite Attendees".
[[File:123 (2).JPG|800px]]
=====Step 2:=====
After you click on the "Invite Attendees", you will be presented with the "To..." button. Click on it to add attendees and location.
[[File:123 (3).JPG|800px]]
=====Step 3:=====
On the next picture we see the location called "location1" is selected. After it has been selected, click on the button "Resources->" at the bottom of the window, to add the location.
[[File:123 (4).JPG|800px]]
=====Step 4:=====
When the attendee and the location are added, we would see the following:
[[File:123 (5).JPG|800px]]
Now we see the location is automatically added to the "Location" field, and it is also added as a attendee.
=====Step 5:=====
To check if it all worked, click on "Scheduling" above. We see that the location1 has been added to the attendees list.
[[File:123 (1).JPG|800px]]
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