How To Forcefully Login Through ClassicUI In ZCS9

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How To forcefully Login Through Classic UI in ZCS9

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While Logging into the webmail in ZCS9, there is an option to select logging with classic UI or Modern UI. Some customers want to restrict the select option only to the classic UI.


To restrict the select option in webmail forcefully to Classic UI follow the below steps.

  • Edit file
vi /opt/zimbra/jetty_base/webapps/zimbra/WEB-INF/classes/messages/

Find the lines starting with client+Advanced/Modern/Mobile ( eg. clientMobile). They are one below the other. Delete the value of these attributes like below, but leave the clientPreferred value only as Default

clientAdvanced =
clientPreferred = Default
clientModern =
  • Edit file login.jsp:
vi /opt/zimbra/jetty_base/webapps/zimbra/public/login.jsp 

Seach the below keywords and remove the full lines in which these values are written.

fmt:message key="clientAdvanced"
fmt:message key="clientmodern"

Final look of file should be like below:

      <select id="client" name="client" onchange="clientChange(this.options[this.selectedIndex].value)">
        <option value="preferred" <c:if test="${client eq 'preferred'}">selected</c:if> > <fmt:message key="clientPreferred"/></option>
           <c:if test="${modernSupported}">

Save the file :wq

  • Restart Zimbra
su - zimbra 
zmcontrol restart 

Note: Please keep backup of all files before making any changes into it

Submitted by: Aman Shukla
Verified Against: ZCS 9.0 Date Created: 2021-10-13
Article ID: Date Modified: 2021-10-13

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