Help:How can I contribute to the Zimbra Wiki

The Zimbra Wiki is a community wiki. Any contributions create a better resource for everyone in the Zimbra community. The following article offers some ideas for helping to improve the Zimbra Wiki.

Write an Article

Do you have first-hand experience as a ZCS administrator? Are you involved in developing for the open source components of Zimbra Collaboration Suite? Are you writing Zimlets? Are you someone who uses ZCS?

If so, you have knowledge, tips, or ideas that might help other Zimbra admins, developers, or users. Write an article based on your experience.

Finish incomplete articles

Some of the articles on the Zimbra Wiki are not finished. You can spot these by the "Work in Progress" banners across the top of them. Feel free to pitch in and help finish these articles.

Edit an Article

Are you using the Zimbra Wiki as an information resource? While you're reading an article, if you notice something that needs editing or cleaning up, dive on in. Peer review ensures that articles are accurate, up-to-date, and free of typos.

Add links

Frequently information on one page will refer to other information, such as CLI commands, scripts, or even other articles. However, not all articles provide links to other information. You can add related links to an article you're reading, or link directly to a CLI command mentioned in the body of the article.

Apply Categories or Templates

When an article is missing categories or templates, it means that readers might not be able to find an article with information they need -- or worse, they might try to use an article that's written for a different version of ZCS than the version they're running.

If you notice an article is missing a category or a template, don't be shy -- add any appropriate categories or templates.

For a list of all existing categories, see Category.

For a list of most commonly used templates, see Templates.

Protected Articles

Some articles are protected for editing by Zimbra employees or Zimbra Wiki administrators. If you notice something that needs changing in one of these articles, please open a bug on Bugzilla requesting a change or leave a comment on the Discussion page of that article.

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