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There are several elements that you can use to make sure that Wiki readers are able to find your article when they are searching and browsing. Use this checklist to maximize your Wiki article’s visibility.

Before You Write

Before you start writing your article,

  • Duplicate Articles. Are there any duplicate articles on this subject? If there are, edit the existing article instead. Be collaborative—add your own expertise and improve what’s already there.
  • Mistitled Articles. Are there any articles with inappropriate titles that will prevent users from being able to find your article with a search? If there are, try renaming or moving these articles. (For example, an article called Tomcat which is really about troubleshooting a specific Tomcat problem will prevent users from searching for any article with the word Tomcat in it.)

While You Write

While you’re writing your article,

  • Title. Does your title describe what you’re writing about?
  • Introductory Paragraph. Do you have a small introductory paragraph describing what you're writing about?
  • Keywords (aka Tags). Have you used full names in your article before using acronyms and abbreviations? Are there any words that might help a user find your article that you haven’t used? If so, use these as Keywords at the bottom of your article.

After You Write

After you’ve written your article,

  • Links. Are there links to related articles in the body of your article? Have you included a Related Articles section if your readers will need one? Are there links to your new article from other appropriate pages? Use the What links here link in the toolbox to find out. Don’t forget to test your links!
  • Article Footer. Have you included the Article Footer at the bottom of your page, including both the build that your article was verified against and the date the article was created? An example of Article Footer markup is:
{{Article Footer|Zimbra Collaboration Suite 4.5.6|6/8/2007}}
  • Categories. Have you added categories to the bottom of your article?

Note: Categories are always plural—e.g. [[Category:Templates]], not [[Category:Template]]. Read also about custom essay

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