HOT Backup and HOT Restore

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by Rubens Alonso Filho <>

The zmbkpose tool is a shell script that does hot backup and hot restore of ZCS Opensource accounts

This tool DOES NOT DO disaster recovery.

It can run from any host in the net, which means that it can be set on a backup server already existent.

It was concepted after Zimbra released ZCS 5.0.12, where a new import/export feature was exposed to user can be able to do his archiving.

From that point it was clear for me that I just need to write a code to automatically get all user data from server, remotely via HTTP SOAP. Plus LDAP data.

So, it is possible to run full backups and restore even deleted accounts.

In the version 1.0.0 of zmbkpose, the tool provides:

Full backup of all accounts. Full backup of any account. Incremental backup of all accounts. Incremental backup of any account. Lists all backup sessions done. Restore all contents (mail, contacts, appointments...) to any account. Restore deleted accounts back to directory and all of its contents. Restore only account attributes, like password, class of service, etc

Para utilizar o script é preciso:

 - Instalar os pacotes ldap-utils e curl
 - Criar o diretório /etc/zmbkpose
 - Configurar o arquivo /etc/zmbkpose/zmbkpose.conf, observando atentamente cada item (pode ser necessário criar usuário, diretório, e conhecer credenciais de um servidor ZCS remoto)
 - Crie o script a partir do código abaixo, concedendo permissão de execução. Lembre-se que ele só pode ser executado pelo usuário que você definir no conf.
 - Para conhecer a sintaxe de utilização, digite simplesmente "zmbkpose"
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