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Steps to Create a HAB

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      |    ROOT     |
      |   Zimbra    |
┌────┴─────┐     ┌────┴─────┐
│Production|     |  Testing |
└────┬─────┘     └──────────┘
     |    ┌───────────┐
     |    └───────────┘
     |    ┌─────────┐
     └────┤ Support |

Create an organizational unit (OU)

zmprov createHABOrgUnit domain.com ZimbraOU

Create a group and assign an email address for each of the departments

  • Allgroups will belong to the same HAB OU.
  • Important to create the root node. This will be shown in the Add Book.
zmprov createHABGroup Zimbra ZimbraOU zimbra@domain.com
zmprov createHABGroup Production ZimbraOU production@domain.com
zmprov createHABGroup Testing ZimbraOU testing@domain.com
zmprov createHABGroup Development ZimbraOU development@domain.com
zmprov createHABGroup Support ZimbraOU support@domain.com

Each of these groups (except Zimbra) needs to be assigned a parent group to create a hierarchy

  • Zimbra group is the root - Go bottom up - Go from leaf to child to root.
zmprov addHABGroupMember production@domain.com development@domain.com
zmprov addHABGroupMember production@domain.com support@domain.com

zmprov addHABGroupMember zimbra@domain.com production@domain.com
zmprov addHABGroupMember zimbra@domain.com testing@domain.com

Add users to Groups

zmprov addHABGroupMember development@domain.com user1@domain.com
zmprov addHABGroupMember support@domain.com user2@domain.com

Specify the root organization for the HAB

  • Get Zimbra ID of the Root Node.
zmprov gdl zimbra@domain.com zimbraId
zmprov md 'domain.com' zimbraHierarchicalAddressBookRoot xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx (zimbraId)


  • In a multiserver environment, all commands should be run on the Mailbox server. Below error will prompt if the command ran on the LDAP server.
[zimbra@testlabldap ~]$ zmprov createHABGroup Production ZimbraOU production@domain.com

ERROR: service.INVALID_REQUEST (invalid request: can only be used with SOAP)
  • Make sure the group email address should not present on the server else below error will prompt "some attributes not unique".
[zimbra@testlabmailbox ~]$ zmprov createHABGroup Production ZimbraOU production@domain.com

ERROR: ldap.INVALID_ATTR_VALUE (invalid attr value - unable to create entry:
ldap host=testlabldap:389: some attributes not unique)
  • Once you complete the HAB steps, a DL will be created with the email mentioned in the group email address.


1. Log in to Zimbra client.

2. Click New Message.

3. In the Compose window, click the To field.

4. On Select Addresses window, locate the Show Names from: drop-down on the top right corner.

5. Choose Organizational Address Book.

6. The address book in a hierarchical format appears in the left pane.


7. Click any group to view and select users of that group.

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