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Steps to Create a HAB

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      |    ROOT     |
      |   Zimbra    |
┌────┴─────┐     ┌────┴─────┐
│Production|     |  Testing |
└────┬─────┘     └──────────┘
     |    ┌───────────┐
     |    └───────────┘
     |    ┌─────────┐
     └────┤ Support |

Create an organizational unit (OU)

zmprov createHABOrgUnit domain.com ZimbraOU

Create a group and assign an email address for each of the departments

  • Allgroups will belong to the same HAB OU.
  • Important to create the root node. This will be shown in the Add Book.
zmprov createHABGroup Zimbra ZimbraOU zimbra@domain.com
zmprov createHABGroup Production ZimbraOU production@domain.com
zmprov createHABGroup Testing ZimbraOU testing@domain.com
zmprov createHABGroup Development ZimbraOU development@domain.com
zmprov createHABGroup Support ZimbraOU support@domain.com

Each of these groups (except Zimbra) needs to be assigned a parent group to create a hierarchy

  • Zimbra group is the root - Go bottom up - Go from leaf to child to root.
zmprov addHABGroupMember production@domain.com development@domain.com
zmprov addHABGroupMember production@domain.com support@domain.com

zmprov addHABGroupMember zimbra@domain.com production@domain.com
zmprov addHABGroupMember zimbra@domain.com testing@domain.com

Add users to Groups

zmprov addHABGroupMember development@domain.com user1@domain.com
zmprov addHABGroupMember support@domain.com user2@domain.com

Specify the root organization for the HAB

  • Get Zimbra ID of the Root Node.
zmprov gdl zimbra@domain.com zimbraId
zmprov md 'domain.com' zimbraHierarchicalAddressBookRoot xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx (zimbraId)
Submitted by: Keshav Gaur
Verified Against: ZCS 8.8 Date Created: 2020-06-08
Article ID: https://wiki.zimbra.com/index.php?title=HAB_configuration Date Modified: 2020-06-08

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