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About Zimbra Gallery

Zimbra Gallery is where members of the Community can share Zimlets and Themes plus find Language packs and other tools.

What You Can Contribute and Download

  • Zimlets - Zimlets are 'mash-ups' that allow data services to communicate with the Zimbra Web client (view Maps, etc)
  • Themes - themes are 'skins' that can be placed on the ZCS server and provide a new look and feel to ZCS
  • Tools - utilities for working with ZCS
  • Languages (Languages can be viewed and downloaded; there is a separate process for moderating and uploading languages. See the Translations Wiki for more information).

Note: To contribute you must sign and FAX the Zimbra contribution agreement. Also, the Zimbra team must approve all contributions.

Getting a Username and Password

  • The Zimbra Gallery uses the same ID and password as the Zimbra Forums
  • ID is a unique name (not an email per se) that is displayed on your Gallery and Forum submissions. We suggest using a name you are comfortable showing to the Community
  • Registration is subject to the terms and conditions of the Zimbra Community
  • Will I be signed into both places automatically if I have already signed into one? No. Currently we only use the same username and password but we do not support true "single sign on".
  • What happens if I forget my password? An email will be sent to the email address you provided during the Community Forum registration.

Licenses and Contribution Agreements

All Community members who contribute must sign and FAX the Zimbra contribution agreement. Once you do this you can post to the Gallery or contribute in any way to the Zimbra project.

Zimlets, Themes, and Languages have slightly different you can contribute:

  • For Zimlets and Theme uploads; you have the ability to specify a license (default is ZPL), but you can select something else more apropriate for a Zimlet, for instance, that you wish to sell to the Community (maybe you pick 'other'). The license options:
    • Other / Proprietary License
    • Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL 1.1)
    • GNU General Public License (GPL)
    • Zimbra Public License (ZPL)
  • Everything that is uploaded will be reviewed by the Zimbra team before it is posted live.
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