GAL not syncing: possible causes

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GAL not syncing: possible causes

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The wiki discusses two possible causes for GAL not syncing in Outlook or ZD.


The typical situation is that the configuration has been done properly, but somehow GAL entries are not showing up.

A good source for GAL configuration articles:

The first place to check is the domain for which the galsync account is configured. For example if the galsync account is, we would check the domain. And more specifically for GAL configuration attributes set on the domain. Such attributes are:


These attributes can be set on GAL data source or Domain. If there is a problem with the sync, check the domain, and if these attributes are set,remove them.

The second is again the domain, but this time we will look for different attribute. Lets say there is a problem with the sync, and we have checked the above attributes. They are not set. What we need to look for is:


If this attribute is listed more than once with different values, we need to remove all and leave only one. To find out the correct one, we would need to find out the zimbraId of the gal account for this domain. Lets say the gal account is, we would run:

zmprov ga zimbraId

The zimbraId of the account corresponds to the zimbraGalAccountId in the domain configuration. Once you find the correct one, remove the rest with:

zmprov md -zimbraGalAccountId  xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx

Once we remove the redundant entries, the sync should be ok.

Additional Content

These are not the only things to check for, but are the most unusual. If we follow the wiki, most probably we will have no problems.

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