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GAL auto complete uses the zimbraGalAutoCompleteLdapFilter filter. This filter uses the following for its default value: externalLdapAutoComplete

zmprov gd domain.com | grep zimbraGalAutoCompleteLdapFilter

zmprov gacf | grep externalLdapAutoComplete zimbraGalAutoCompleteLdapFilter: externalLdapAutoComplete zimbraGalLdapFilterDef: externalLdapAutoComplete:(|(cn=%s*)(sn=%s*)(gn=%s*)(mail=%s*))

zmprov md domain.com zimbraGalAutoCompleteLdapFilter '(&(objectClass=inetOrgPerson)(!(userDisabledPassword=*))(|(cn=*%s*)(uid=*%s*)(givenName=*%s*)(sn=*%s*)))'

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