Free/Busy Information in Outlook

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Accessing Free/Busy information over SSL:

Note that this will silently fail if you are using https without a valid ssl certificate on the server. It should be possible to cause Outlook to trust the self-signed CA cert from the Zimbra server by importing it into Outlook

Importing of the certificate means the file that is generated after conversion, you have mailed me that file if you remember. I am again mentioning the steps for that please have a look. 1. Log on to your server as root and go to the directory "/opt/zimbra/ssl/zimbra/ca" 2. Run the command: -

  1. openssl x509 -in ca.pem -out cacert.der -outform DER ( as root )

3. This will generate a file called cacert.der in the same directory. Copy this file to the Outlook system where you are facing the issue and double click on the file. 4. A popup will occur where you will see a button called "Install Certificate", click on the button and install the certificate, allow outlook to select the store path of certificate automatically. 5. A warring message will appear which you need to accept in accordance to allow access to the server to which the certificate belongs. 6. Once the installation is done, restart that system. After reboot, open Outlook and check, you will be able to see the free/busy information.

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