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{{Article Infobox|{{admin}}||{{ZCS 8.0}}|{{ZCS 7.0}}|{{ZCS 6.0}}|{{ZCS 5.0}}|}}
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=Using zmmsgtrace=
=Using zmmsgtrace=
==ZCS 7 and 8==
==ZCS 7, 8 and above==
Please see [[CLI_zmmsgtrace]] for more information.
Please see [[CLI_zmmsgtrace]] for more information.

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Article Information

This article applies to the following ZCS versions.

ZCS 8.0 Article ZCS 8.0 ZCS 7.0 Article ZCS 7.0

Using zmmsgtrace

ZCS 7, 8 and above

Please see CLI_zmmsgtrace for more information.

ZCS 6.0

  • Beginning with 6.0, the CLI zmmsgtrace is no longer available and there is no planned replacement.

ZCS 5.0

You can use zmmsgtrace if you have the messageID


zmmsgtrace -i 30004771.6541211949637230.JavaMail.root@zimbra

You can also use it to find message sent by user1 to user2 in the last 30 days

zmmsgtrace -s user1 -r user2

Using Jetty Access Log

But this does not give you where the message originated from the best is to retrieve the date/time and use it to inspect the /opt/zimbra/jetty/logs/access_log.*

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