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     * Use [[Zimlets]] to get single click access to calendar, contacts, maps, Salesforce, and more
     * Use [[Zimlets]] to get single click access to calendar, contacts, maps, Salesforce, and more
     * Easily create new Zimlets for your unique needs
     * Easily create new Zimlets for your unique needs. [[Zimlets View]]


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Zimbra Collaboration Suite Ajax Web Client

Zimbra Collaboration Suite features a state-of-the-art Ajax web client- it's the ideal productivity tool for today's enterprise, service provider, academic, and government environments. By outpacing traditional desktop application performance and working in the web browser, Zimbra gives you a better messaging and collaboration experience plus zero desktop lock in. Key features: Intuitive Message Management and Search

   * Conversation View hides redundant messages that clutter up your inbox. View
   * Search Builder is a simple "WYSIWYG" tool to make advanced queries; save favorite searches as "virtual" message folders
   * "Tagging" automatically highlights email from important people. Tag View
   * You can view attachments (like Word or Acrobat files) immediately as HTML instead of downloading and
     opening them in another applications. Download View

The Ultimate Address Book

   * Supports multiple Address Books (personal and server-side Global Address List). Multiple Address Book
   * Easily share Address Books and contacts with peers
   * Autocomplete from personal and/or Global Address List (GAL) Auto-Complete
   * Create personal distribution lists

Robust Personal and Shared Calendaring

   * View multiple schedules as 'overlays' on your calendar, one click to toggle them on and off
   * Complete resource and group scheduling, with delegated access
   * Share and publish calendars with peers
   * Subscribe to remote calendars as iCal feeds

Powerful Online Documents

   * Create, share, and publish rich Documents online
   * WYSIWYG editor makes it easy to add spreadsheets, images, etc.
   * Turn Documents into collaborative Wiki pages
   * First application to use the innovative AJAX Linking and Embedding (ALE) technology Zimbra pioneered

Easy Sharing and Publishing

   * Simple sharing model common to Address Book, Calendar, and Documents
   * Share internally (read and/or write access) or publish externally with a simple URL (read only).

POP Account Aggregation

   * Set up multiple external email accounts to be viewed and managed within ZCS
   * Email replies from different accounts can have different Signatures and Mail Identities

Voice Integration

   * Unified Messaging support that allows users to quickly launch calls, conference calls 
     and to access voice mail from within the Zimbra Collaboration Suite.

Productivity Enhancing "Mash-ups"

   * Use Zimlets to get single click access to calendar, contacts, maps, Salesforce, and more
   * Easily create new Zimlets for your unique needs. Zimlets View


   * Users can choose their own color Themes
   * Administrators may quickly re-brand and/or create new Themes for ZCS.Customizing Logos and Themes for Open Source Edition

Zimbra Collaboration Suite Basic Html Client:

   * Basic Client mode is a non-Ajax web UI for poorer connections, legacy browsers, or easier accessibility. Basic Html view
   * Browse Email in Pure HTML mode.
   * Zimlets are not available in Basic Client.
   * Drag and Drop option is not available.
   * Global Address List : You cannot click on TO and select the address, 
     You need to go to Add Recipients and search the contact and then add it.
   * Auto-Completion of Email Addresses is not available.
   * Viewing messages by conversation or by message view is not available.
   * Calendar, Tasks and Address Book options/tabs are not available.
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