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Enable the real-time attachment scanning for outgoing mail sent via the Web Client


Starting with ZCS 8.5, it is possible to enable real-time scanning of attachments in outgoing emails sent via the Web Client. If enabled, when someone adds an attachment to an email, it will be scanned via ClamAV prior to being able to send the message. If ClamAV detects a virus, it will block attaching the file to the message. In Zimbra 8.5 and above, customers have the opportunity to enable an real-time antivirus in the attachments for outgoing mail using Web Client.


By default, scanning is configured for a single node installation. To enable in a single node:

In ZCS 8.6.x and later: It is possible to enable/disable attachment scanning globally or per server.

To enable in a multi-node environment, using multiple MTAs for scanning is supported. zimbraClamAVBindAddress is set *per server* on the MTA nodes. It tells the clamav process what hostname to bind to.

zmprov ms <mta server> zimbraClamAVBindAddress <mta server>
zmprov ms <mta server> zimbraAttachmentsScanURL clam://<mta server>:3310/
zmprov ms <mta server> zimbraAttachmentsScanEnabled TRUE

In ZCS 8.5.x:

zmprov ms serverhostname.com zimbraAttachmentsScanURL clam://localhost:3310/
zmprov mcf zimbraAttachmentsScanEnabled TRUE

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