Dynamic Distribution lists in Zimbra Collaboration Server 8.0.x

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Dynamic Distribution List

This article provides information on managing the Dynamic Distribution list in Zimbra Collaboration Server 8.0.x.

  • Dynamic Distribution List allows users to add and remove users from a distribution list (DL) automatically. If a new user satisfies the filter added to the DL, they are added as a member to the DL.
  • Dynamic Distribution List is similar to standard DL creation, with the only difference being the Member URL. This attribute is only available if the DL is marked as Dynamic Group. Member URL is responsible for the predefined rule which will be applied to filter accounts both new and existing.

Dynamic Distribution Lists can be created using both Command Line and GUI.

Creating a Dynamic Distribution List

This creates the DL. All new and existing accounts become part of this newly-created DL. In this case, it will add all users, GAL account names, and spam/ham account names, as they are also accounts on your environment.

$ zmprov cddl all@domain.com memberURL 'ldap:///??sub?(objectClass=zimbraAccount)' zimbraIsACLGroup FALSE

Using COS

This DL can be refined by modifying the filter. Therefore, the recommended approach is to create a COS called users, assign all users to that COS, and then modify the command as follows:

$ zmprov cddl allusers@domain.com memberURL 'ldap:///??sub?(&(objectClass=zimbraAccount)(zimbraCOSId=53b3ab9e-f414-4eb7-bd98-393b62de15d3))' zimbraIsACLGroup FALSE

Where zimbraCOSId=53b3ab9e-f414-4eb7-bd98-393b62de15d3 is COS ID of the COS created to, which all users are assigned. If a user is assigned to any other COS, the user will not be a member of this DL.


Dynamic DL containing all Active users:

$ zmprov cddl allusers@domain.com memberURL 'ldap:///??sub?(&(objectClass=zimbraAccount)(zimbraCOSId=53b3ab9e-f414-4eb7-bd98-393b62de15d3)(zimbraAccountStatus=active))' zimbraIsACLGroup FALSE

Dynamic DL containing all Managers:

$ zmprov cddl allusers@domain.com memberURL 'ldap:///??sub?(&(objectClass=zimbraAccount)(zimbraCOSId=53b3ab9e-f414-4eb7-bd98-393b62de15d3)(title=Manager))' zimbraIsACLGroup FALSE 

Note: For this, set the Job Title of the user as Manager, in order to create a Dynamic Distribution List based on your Job Title.

Dynamic DL containing all Delegated Admins:

$ zmprov cddl allusers@domain.com memberURL 'ldap:///??sub?(&(objectClass=zimbraAccount)(zimbraCOSId=53b3ab9e-f414-4eb7-bd98-393b62de15d3)(zimbraIsDelegatedAdminAccount=TRUE))' zimbraIsACLGroup FALSE

Modifying the member URL can result in a Dynamic Distribution List suiting the requirement, and hence there can be Dynamic Distribution Lists for all mobile users, or POP/IMAP, etc.

Modifying a Dynamic Distribution List

To modify a DL to include users from a specific COS:

$ zmprov mdl all@domain.com memberURL 'ldap:///??sub?(&(objectClass=zimbraAccount)(zimbraCOSId=53b3ab9e-f414-4eb7-bd98-393b62de15d3))'

Similarly any Dynamic Distribution List can be modified and changed to filter users accordingly. As soon as the filter of a DL is modified, users may be added and removed from the DL.

If you have created Distribution List from GUI and then want to modify it then you will have to set 'zimbraIsACLGroup FALSE' for that DL:

$ zmprov mdl all@domain.com memberURL 'ldap:///??sub?(&(objectClass=zimbraAccount)(zimbraCOSId=53b3ab9e-f414-4eb7-bd98-393b62de15d3))' zimbraIsACLGroup FALSE

Deleting a Dynamic Distribution List

To delete Dynamic Distribution List:

$ zmprov ddl allusers@domain.com
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