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Steps to configure domain based signature from ZCS 6.0.4 to ZCS 8.x. This supports only one disclaimer and that is applied globally for all outgoing emails. Per domain disclaimers will be added in ZCS 9. (RFE #41872)

Enable domain based signature in global config.

 zmprov mcf zimbraDomainMandatoryMailSignatureEnabled TRUE

Adding test signature in global config.

 zmprov mcf zimbraDomainMandatoryMailSignatureText "Your domain signature here."

Adding an HTML signature in global config.

 zmprov mcf zimbraDomainMandatoryMailSignatureHTML "<html> <body>You HTML signature here.</body> </html>"

Restart zmamavisdctl.

 zmamavisdctl restart

If you want to include good formatted html/text signature, add the signature in a file and redirect it to zmprov.

 zmprov mcf zimbraDomainMandatoryMailSignatureText < disclaimer.txt
 zmprov mcf zimbraDomainMandatoryMailSignatureText < disclaimer.html


  • Make sure following line is un-commented /opt/zimbra/conf/amavisd.conf
 @altermime_args_disclaimer = qw(--verbose --disclaimer=/opt/zimbra/data/altermime/_OPTION_.txt --disclaimer-html=/opt/zimbra/data/altermime/_OPTION_.html );
  • Check logs in /var/log/zimbra.log. When a disclaimer is added to an email, following line is logged.
 Sep  5 12:52:31 z8 amavis[19883]: (19883-01) mangling by altermime (disclaimer) done, new size: 690, orig 674 bytes
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