Deleting messages from account using the CLI

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Deleting messages from account using the CLI

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CLI method for deleting messages off a specific user account.


In order to delete the message, you need to identify the message "msgid". First, note which user you are trying to delete (replace with the user you are trying to target), then issue the following command to find the message "msgid" that you want to delete:

zmmailbox -z -m s -t message -l 50 "in:inbox date:01/01/2015"

The above command will search a specific folder, Inbox in this case. Displays only messages dated 01/01/2015. Lists up to 50 messages.

You will see something like the following after issuing the above command:

   Id    Type   From              Subject                                     Date   
   ----  ----   ----------------  ------------------------------------------  --------------
1. 432    mess  user              Daily mail report for 2015-01-01            01/01/15 23:30
2. 431    mess  user              ZCS Backup Report: SUCCESS                  01/01/15 01:00

The "msgid" is the first column labeled "Id".

This number can be used to delete the message by issuing the following command:

zmmailbox -z -m deleteMessage 431

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