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Editing Debug Assertion - ZCB/Blackberry Enterprise Server Error

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Please see Debug_Assertion_-_ZCB/Blackberry_Enterprise_Server_Error


If you experience a Microsoft Visual C++ Debug Library: Debug Assertion Failed!, you could have issues with the BlackBerryServer profile. You'll get an application popup saying:

Microsoft Visual C++ Debug Library : Debug Assertion
Program: ...ch In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\BlackBerryAgent.exe
File: dbgheap.c
Line: 1143

Resolution Steps

  1. Stop Blackberry Controller services
  2. Start MS Outlook 2007
    • Does Outlook prompts for a profile to be used?
      • If Yes, choose BlackberryServer profile
      • If No, stop, please correct this issue. /Control Panels/Mail. Make sure 'Prompt to choose a profile is selected'
    • If BlackberryServer profile has never started before, please allow MS Outlook to build this profile.
    • At this point you will may see additional Debug Assertion errors, click on retry on each of these to allow MS Outlook to prepare this profile for use.
  3. Once MS Outlook has started with no errors, close Outlook
  4. Start BB Controller service

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