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Note: If Outlook, Import Wizard, or Migration Wizard is crashing completely instead of hanging or behaving strangely, generate a core dump instead.

Tools for debugging Outlook

Beginning with the version of the Connector for Outlook released with ZCS 3.1 (ZimbraOlkConnector-3.1.0_GA_327_3.0.866), the manual DbgView/HttpTrace procedure described below is no longer necessary. The new Connector installs its own logging utility.

Tools for debugging problems with the Import Wizard and Migration Wizard

Look for logs and .msg files in the folder where the Wizard executable is.

If the Wizard hangs or exhibits unexpected behavior, and you can reproduce the problem, run these tools as described below to generate debugging data to send to us. This process is analogous to enabling the SOAP/XML debug window for the Web Client ($set:debug [1-3]).

There are two components (both free): WinHttpTraceCfg (part of Windows Server 2003 [Resource Kit Tools]), which traces the communication with the server, and [DbgView] (from SysInternals), which captures the trace.

1. In order to enable the trace, and send the data to the debug stream (where DbgView can catch it), run this command in an MS-DOS Command Prompt window:

WinHttpTraceCfg -e 1 -d 1

2. Then run DbgView to catch the data stream. You can run DbgView from the Command Prompt or from the Windows GUI. DbgView runs as a standard Windows application, so once you have generated the trace data (by causing the Wizard to have problems), choose the familiar "Save As..." from the File menu and send it to us.

N.B. If the Wizard is already running when you make changes to the debug settings, it will disregard them until you quit and restart.

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