Customized spam score for RBL listed senders

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Customized spam score for RBL listed Senders

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Add positive/negative spam score to the email if senders IP listed in the RBL's.


RBL's will work at the MTA (postfix) level, so if sender IP is listed in the RBL then the email is rejected by MTA (where RBL's enabled) without any notification. To allow email without compromising security check, disable RBL check at MTA level and enable at Amavis level (Spam assassin).

Steps to follow
  • Remove required RBL's at MTA level if enabled.
Note: If RBL's not enabled at MTA level then this step can be skipped.
  • Global level configuration.
    zmprov mcf -zimbraMtaRestriction "reject_rbl_client <RBL Address>"
zmprov mcf -zimbraMtaRestriction "reject_rbl_client"
  • Server level configuration
    zmprov ms `zmhostname` -zimbraMtaRestriction "reject_rbl_client <RBL Address>"

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